Our Mission

Citrus is a company changing the way consumers and merchants interact by modernizing the way people shop. Our patent-pending platform streamlines curbside pickup by linking orders with consumer identities and vehicle information for automated, touchless, and efficient transactions. Our objective is to provide the most efficient no touch, no call transaction possible.

Our Core Values

Trust Reliability Safety

Our Vision

What drives us?

Eliminating inefficiency. Simplifying the logistics of consumer and merchant interaction is long overdue. We see the power of machine learning applied to existing technologies making life easier for consumers and more profitable bricks and mortar retailers. It also can help save the environment by eliminating the considerable waste caused by packaging and delivery services.

Where do we see Citrus in five years?

Touchless delivery is about safety and convenience. Today, we see Citrus playing an important role in reducing the transmission of the Covid-19 virus, but long term, we see it as a way of life. A new paradigm of retail commerce will emerge where consumers place orders online, and then, at their convenience, hit the “On My Way” button on the Citrus app. No need for phone calls, scheduling, lines, spaces, or waiting; the app and the merchant logistics software facilitate a perfectly timed, perfectly orchestrated pickup in less than 60 seconds. Efficient, Safe, Convenient.

Our Executive Team

Meet the people who created Citrus

Menish Gupta

Founder CEO

Rick Arturo

Chief Revenue Officer

Pavan Chitti

Director - Engineering

Jose Escolano

Director - Analysis

Ankur Malik

Director - Engineering

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